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This pretty medieval village is one of my favorite places near Nice.

Located in the famous Mercantour National Park with its exceptional flora, fauna and landscapes, it is the ideal place for nature lovers.
It is about 1 hour drive from Nice, by car or bus (n°91, from Nice Arenas).
And it is also about ½ hour drive from the ski resorts of Isola 2000, Auron and Valberg.

I love its atmosphere filled with stories from the past and present.
I like to walk through its narrow streets to fill myself with its colors, its textures, its sounds like the little birds chirping, the chimes of its church, the lapping of the water flowing in the old “lavoirs” (wash houses), the whispers of the villagers’ discussions in front of their door or sitting on a bench).

I am also in love with its enchanted river, La Tinée.
Just a few minute walk from the village and you suddenly reach a wonderful world: you are immersed in a living painting of a thousand colors:  yellow, brown, blue and grey tones of great softness large rocks and big pebbles border this river with crystal clear and invigorating water.
To dive your feet in this river and admire the nature all around is a moment of pure bliss!

While wandering around the village you will probably see my friend Brigitte Gaudou’s art studio: don’t hesitate to go and discover her paintings!
Brigitte is a passionate painter. Her works are of a great poetry and discovering them will make you plunge even further in this enchanted journey that this village will offer you.

Art and Saint Sauveur sur Tinée, for me the two are linked:
While walking around the village it is likely that you will see artworks on the walls of the houses. The inhabitants of Saint Sauveur sur Tinée love art and artists, so it happens to see artists sticking their works on the walls to offer them to the eyes of the passers-by.

This village is a poem!

I highly recommend you to visit that not very known but wonderful village and to spend an afternoon, a day or even a few days there.