We had a perfect day with Celine. We choose to book the private option so it was just my husband and myself. Celine immediately tailored our day to our interests. We spent a good time at the beginning understanding the history of Nice--which goes back a lot further than I thought--and then walked all though the city better able to appreciate what we saw. Celine is a Nice native and is passionate about her city, its culture and food. Stories galore. We saw unusual local delicacies and ate socca at her favorite place. We climbed to the top of Castle Hill and stopped at a new historical monument which was just installed and figured out its significance together. She joined us for lunch, selecting a true Nicoise restaurant which we never would have found on our own. Before we left, she shared many ideas on museums, markets and other restaurants to try during our stay. She really cares about her guests and their enjoyment of their trip. I highly recommend.

Ginnyfrom Californie, USA - February 2020

Wow! I This trip with Celine is so far one of the best trips ever. Celine is very knowledgeable, kind, warm, genuine, welcoming, empathetic and passionate (all the good word I can think about to describe an amazing person should be added here). She knows exactly what a tourist want to learn about Nice and successfully made me want to come back again! She prepared her trip so well and I have never seen anyone who did such an amazing job at making a quick tour so interesting. Highly recommended!

Ziyifrom New York, USA - February 2020

Celine is from Nice and lives in the Old Town so her knowledge is deep and personal. She is passionate about NIce and her curiosity drives her to keep learning. She not old gave me great insight into the history of the Old Town but answered questions I had about other areas I should visit on the Cote d'Azur, questions I couldn't get answered by the tourist office. The value of this tour far surpassed the actual cost. I'm very glad I decided to do this tour. Merci Celine!

Kathyfrom Florida, USA - february 2020

My husband and I spent a very beautiful afternoon with Celine learning about the fascinating history of Nice. Celine is very proud of her city and heritage and does a marvellous job of revealing the secrets of the old city. Her passion for the city played out over the tour as we learned about architecture, food, design, urban renewal and preservation. She is constantly learning more and more about her city and is pleased to share her passions. Celine was able to share tips for planning our week in Nice and even provided bus schedules, dining suggestions, and short cuts. While her focus is the Old City of Nice, Celine was also able to make suggestions for other destinations in the Nice area (including travel hints).
We had the luxury of having Celine all to ourselves, but do not hesitate to contact her for any sort of travel tour for Nice. She is energetic, knowledgeable, and a good listener. Your hours with Celine will be well spent.

Christinefrom Dauphin, Canada - February 2020

This tour is an absoultely MAGNIFIQUE way to get to know all the secret treasures of Nice. I finished the tour with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Nice and its history as well as a list of amazing places to go and things to do for the rest of my stay in Nice. Celine is very warm and welcoming. As it was just the two of us on the tour she even agreed to help me with my French, which is a reflection of the personalisation and care she places in these tours. I highly recommend this tour to anyone and everyone coming to Nice.

Shannonfrom George Hall, Australia - january 2020

I had been in Nice 3 weeks already before this tour but I saw the city with brand new eyes. Celine's local knowledge is like no other, I was fully immersed in the way she sees her lovely hometown. She really took the time to make everyone feel welcome. I must say, a highlight for me was the way she gave references back to her childhood growing up here, and the in-depth history of this European town that dates back further than you can possibly expect. I highly recommend this tour for people who want to know more about this riviera gem than just it's sparkling pebble beaches. This is a must for anyone wanting to get the most out of Nice and it's surrounds. It really is a shame if you come to Nice and miss out on this. Thank you too Celine for your attentiveness and passion and for showing me Nice through a beautiful new lense.

Katefrom Hong Kong, China - July 2019

Celine liebt Nice und speziell die Altstadt. Celine hat uns daran teilhaben lassen. Es fühlt sich besonders an und wird automatisch davon angesteckt.

Doreenfrom Offencbach, Germany - July 2019

This was a wonderful tour. Celine is passionate about her home town of Nice. She shared her knowledge and love of this special area. We loved sitting and listening to Celine explain the origins and history of the Old Town. Then the Tour through the streets was informative and Celine pointed out many things of interest. We learnt lots about the area. Thank you Celine. We would highly recommend this tour.

CarolynVictoria, Australia - July 2019

Celine is passionate, unique, and extremely knowledgable. She is one of the best guides I've ever encountered. I usually avoid them when I can, but I'm so delighted that I took the time to book a guided tour with Celine. Celine is a life-long local of Nice who has traveled beyond France and returned with both in-depth knowledge of the world, Nice, it's Old Town and the French Riviera. Celine knows all of the nooks and crannies of the Old Town, off-the-beaten places locals frequent, and she's clearly well known and respected throughout the Old Town. Along the route, loads of people would greet her and share a heartfelt hug or traditional French greeting. Not only did she bring her personal experience and stories to share, but she's also clearly completed extensive archival research to learn more than any traveler could seek out. She shared an in-depth history lesson that spanned centuries, rulers, cultures, and religions going as far back as 380,000 years up until the Greeks built the city, Niceae, on the hill, to its eventual rule under the House of Savoy/Savoie in 1388, eventually being conquered by Louis XIV in 1701, all the way up to the city becoming a permanent part of France in 1851. She also shared the modern history and more current challenges and issues confronting the city, particularly in the context of climate change. It wouldn't be the first time that the land where Nice sits was under water but you'll have to do the tour to learn about that. She went above and beyond anything I could have expected from the outset and I left feeling more expansive, more knowledgeable, and connected to Nice and its people. My experience with Celine was truly unique. Thank you for such a wonderful journey, Celine. I'm grateful.

MatthewColorado, USA - June 2019

Celine is very knowledgable about personable. She took us all around Nice and showed us where to get the best local cuisine, gave us some lessons on history and took us to gorgeous historic landmarks. We learned a lot and I feel like I now have a friend in Nice. Thank you again !

Tatianafrom Edmonton, Canada - July 2019

Couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Celine was full of knowledge, and more importantly, passionate about Old Town Nice. We started out at a cafe where we were given a brief history of Nice, to be prepped with the context of what we were about to see - then off we went for the walking tour. Celine pointed out details on the streets, squares, architecture that illustrated the city’s history. Really gave me a deeper appreciation for the setting. It was like walking through a living, breathing museum. As we were a multi-party group with different travel agendas, Celine also tailored the information provided to best suit each party’s needs. Can’t recommend this experience enough. If it’s your first time in town like it was mine, this tour is a great introduction to Nice!

Joshuafrom Vancouver, Canada - June 2019

Une très belle expérience pour les personnes qui veulent découvrir le vieux Nice et l'histoire de la ville, que ce soit pour un court passage ou une "pré-visite" avant de poursuivre son propre voyage dans toute la ville. A really great experience for people who want to discover the Old Nice and the History of the city, either for a short trip or a "first contact" before continuing personal journey in the city overall.

Pagavoinefrom Paris, France - July 2019