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Les Agitateurs restaurant was created by 3 young, talented and passionate friends who met when they were studying at the very famous Paul Bocuse’s Institute. 
They are on a mission to create innovative but inspired by French gastronomy traditional food.

I love their story, their vision, their philosophy of food, life and their ethic

Every dish is consciensciously well thought and prepared, well balanced, very tasty and happily surprising. 
You will find there little dishes to share with your friends (like tapas) and as well a full menu (to be experienced as a “travel around flavors” by your taste buds).
All that at reasonable prices.
The famous French dessert “profiterole” they make is the best I ever tasted.


24 rue Bonaparte
06300 Nice

Opening Times

Wednesday to Sunday
7.30pm to 22pm
Wednesday to Friday
12noon to 2.30pm
Saturday to Sunday
11am to 2.30pm