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Private French Conversation Lessons 

80€/person – 3h (max 3 people)

You would like to improve and practice your French?
Or learn the basics that will enable you to interact with locals and immerge yourself fully into the French culture?

My lessons will be tailored for you, whether you are a total beginner or an experienced French speaker.

I will help you reach your goal and will show you that learning and speaking French can be fun and easy.

Because, I, myself, have been in a country (England) where I didn’t speak the language properly when arriving and learnt it with the help of locals, always patient and helpful.
(it lead me to study and work in London in the Design field for 7 years)
I know how it feels to be in a foreign country and to try to learn its language, to go beyond shyness and to seek for occasions to practice, learn, improve the vocabulary and pronunciation to be able to interact with locals.

I also have been a Design teacher for few years and this gave me the necessary skills and techniques to be a good knowledge transmitter. I am passionate about how our brains work, learning processes and I developed my own way of teaching, based on my belief that emotions and pleasure are the key factors to memorize and learn quickly and efficiently.

The lessons will be varied, interesting, challenging and always enjoyable
and you will build self-confidence in your ability to speak French.

. First, we will talk about your motivations and needs and set together realistic goals.
(It can be to learn the basis, improve your knowledge and/or your pronunciation etc.)

. Then we will converse in French, we will write down the things to remember and practice, I will teach you the correct way to speak French and take the time to ensure your pronunciation is correct and that you understand each lesson thoroughly.

Although I prefer speaking French as much as possible during the lesson, depending on your level, I can also use English to explain things clearly if needed.

I am eager to share with you the passion I have for my country, its culture and beautiful language!

Let’s meet and practice French
in a friendly atmosphere !

Contact me to let me know your wishes
and I will reply to you as soon as possible for quotation and booking.